Victoria Bow Blouse


YAGGI clothings are 1:1 made to order therefore cancellation, refund or exchange is unavailable.
Also manufacturing will take upto 7-14 days so please consider carefully before the purchase.

100% Cotton

This season, Yaggi wanted to make perfect Spring /Summer blouse that could be easily layered or styled with, so here it is – this blouse with an oversized bow is made in bio-washed poplin cotton fabric which has a higher quality than normal cotton. This is suitable for spring and summer and definitely a wearable thickness underneath jacket or cardigan. 

Sleeves are longer than normal length to create more volume to the wrist line; there is shirring detail around the wrist and back of the neckline to create subtle volume. The overall fit of the blouse is classic fit with slim waist but it’s not tight as there is an extra room around your arm and chest. The buttons used on this piece is mother of pearl to give out more luxurious detail. Every stitching and finishing is very clean and completed in high quality. Oversized strip on the neck can be styled to whatever you feel like; either made into a ribbon or wear as a scarf.