“Be the front line to re-define the Modern Androgyny Fashion”

Our Mission

“To further remove gender boundaries and broaden consumer’s wardrobe choices through constant experimentation and innovation in design and technicality”


As a Premium high street (pret-a-porter) brand, Bright Salmon London (BSL) sets to redefine the concept of androgynous fashion that is prevalent in the luxury industry, but has yet to be fully trickled down to the premium high-street sector.

Through experimenting with gender fluid attributes, including bold colour palette and textiles variation, BSL serves as an innovation to gender evolution by:

First providing fresh outlook to what an androgyny brand ought to look like, through challenging traditional androgyny/unisex garments that have held on to masculine silhouette and monotonous shade.

Second, to offer wider wardrobe varieties to consumers through gradual introduction on materials that was once socially restricted such as lace, spangles bright colour attributes on male garments.

Such fashion forward transition will be incorporated realistically, leaving consumers feeling liberated, appropriate and most importantly comfortable; particularly considering the high quality fabric choice. Note that BSL emphasizes on being premium high street. This fundamentally means that despite being a high-street brand, BSL strives to offer high quality garments in affordable prices.

“Bright Salmon London wants customers to look good, but most importantly feel good”