#2 Check Wool Corset


YAGGI clothings are 1:1 made to order therefore cancellation, refund or exchange is unavailable.
Also manufacturing will take upto 7-14 days so please consider carefully before the purchase.

100% Wool

Introducing Check Wool Corset : Red check pattern is back on trend

This piece can be worn alone, or matched with t-shirts, knitwear and shirts for Autumn/ Winter to make the same boring A/W outfit more unique and fashionable. This especially looks stunning when worn with white blouse and leather because of its colour and aesthetics. You can try the French chic look too:)

Bra pads can be changed to your own sizes: there is a gap on the lining just like normal bras so you can insert in your own pad and can even put bigger pads to give out more volume to your bust.

*This is a must-have piece if you are always wondering what to wear inside your outer ????


  • Details


  • Dry clean
  • Hand wash cold
  • Do not bleach

Place of origin: South Korea


XS: 44 ( Chest : 75cm Bottom : 76.5cm )

S: 44-55 ( Chest : 80cm Bottom : 82cm )

M: 55-66 (Chest : 85cm   Bottom : 87.5cm )